Great range of events planned for Cheam Library

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A fantastic range of future events has been announced to take part in Cheam Library.
Future Events:
Exhibitions 1861-1924 a talk by Michael Gilbert
Thursday 11th May 2:30pm Cheam Library
A decade after the Great Exhibition a commemorative exhibition was planned to promote arts, sciences and manufacturing but the exhibition hall was not popular and was eventually dismantled. over the next 50 years other exhibition hall were built, such as Alexander Palace, Olympia and .earls Court. They housed a variety of exhibitions which included Wild West Shows and Tibetan musicians.
The British Empire Exhibition opened at Wembley on St GEORGES Day 1924
Come along and find out more about this spectacular exhibition
Tickets £6 (FoW£5)
Contact David Aldous-Cook 020 86424842
‘Eleanor of Aquitaine, by the .Wrath of God, Queen of England’ a talk by Alison Weir
Monday 5th June, 7:30pm .St Dunstan’s .School Hall, Anne Boleyn’s Walk, Cheam, SM 3 8DF
In June the Friends of Whitehall  will be celebrating their 39th Birthday. With an evening event  As a special Birthday treat, well known author Alison Weir , will be giving a talk and DVD presentation about Eleanor of Aquitaine. As well as an interesting talk, one lucky visitor will go away with one of Alison’s books.
Please come and join us and bring you friends
Tickets £6 (FoW £5) cheques and an SAE by 1st June to
Jenny Lugton 49 Harefield Avenue Cheam SM2 7ND
The Great Unwatched: Wit and Wisdom on the wireless
Bob Sinfield Broadcaster, comedy writer and actor, affectionately nibbles the hand that fed him for 35 years. The Radio. Expect tales of disastrous interviews with stars like Rupert Everett (“Oh, I don’t think we want to talk about that”)
Bob has a new book out on the subject of radio and would love to to tell us all about the bizarre and often hilarious nonsense that goes on ‘behind the microphone’
Tickets £6 (FoW £5) cheques and a SA.E by 6th July  2017 to:
David Aldous-.Cook 1 Love Lane, Cheam SM3 8PS telephone 020 86424842

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