Fantastic free wellbeing workshops at the Riverside centre

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Sutton College is pleased to offer the following FREE wellbeing workshops at the Riverside Centre.
To enrol, please search “Riverside” on and book online.
Relaxation & Self Care
Course Ref: E31001A14ZG
Wednesday 14 June, 2-4pm

Self Confidence & Assertiveness
Course Ref: E20007A14ZG
Tuesday 20 June, 12-5pm

Male Only Relaxation & Self Care
Course Ref: E32000A14ZG
Wednesday 28 June, 4-6pm

Relaxing with Arts & Crafts Workshop – Design a Garden Lantern
Course Ref: E41003A09AG
Thursday 6 July, 1-3pm

Relaxing with Arts & Crafts – Make a Keepsake Box
Course Ref: E41002A09AG
Thursday 29 June, 1-3pm

Parent Specific Relaxation & Self Care
Course Ref: E31002A14ZG
Wednesday 12 July, 1-3pm

Overcoming Anger & Irritability
Course Ref: E32002A14ZG
Wednesday 19 July, 4-6pm

Managing Change
Course Ref: E20008A14ZG
Tuesday 25 July, 12-4pm

Venue – Riverside Centre, 113 Culvers Avenue, Carshalton SM5 2FJ

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