Author Gordon is new president of Sutton Nonsuch Rotary

Roger Mills Beddington, Carshalton, Cheam, COMMUNITY NEWS, Hackbridge, Sutton, Wallington, Worcester Park Leave a Comment

‘Local author, Gordon Thomas, has just been inaugurated to serve as president of Sutton Nonsuch Rotary. This highly dynamic club raised over £14,000 last year for local charities and has many exciting, active projects for schools and needy people, in and around Sutton, as well as working on the international front. Gordon has been a member for over four years now and is thrilled to be the new president. His latest novel, ‘Expulsion’ was published in January. He doubts that he will have much time for writing in his year as president! If you are interested in joining this amazing club, please ring membership secretary, John Mitchell, on 01372 276511.’

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