Joint working in the borough results in Criminal Behaviour Order

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Joint working between Sutton’s Anti-Social Behaviour Unit and the Beddington South Local Policing Team has resulted in a Criminal Behaviour Order being made against a man believed to be involved in drug dealing in the Roundshaw Estate, Beddington South. One of the conditions of the Order prevents the man from entering Sutton for the next five years.

The Beddington South Local Policing team applied for an Order to ban the man from the Roundshaw estate but based on the number of complaints the Police had received from residents, PC Nermin Turley from the MPS Sutton Anti-Social Behaviour Unit, believed the ban should legitimately apply to the whole of Sutton. PC Turley presented a compelling argument to Croydon Magistrates Court and successfully obtained an Order to cover the whole of Sutton.  

It is a significant success to obtain a condition that is not a criminal offence that covers a whole Borough.

On 19 July, at Croydon Magistrates Court, the Beddington South Local Policing Team and the Anti-Social Behaviour Unit obtained a CBO for Nikita Modaya Mwamba, 22 yrs (28.06.95) from the Croydon area.


The CBO started 19.07.17 and ends 19.07.2022 and prevents Mwamba from


i.)            Entering the London Borough of Sutton

ii.)           Driving any mechanically propelled vehicle on a public road in the United Kingdom without being the holder of a valid driving licence and certificate of insurance.

iii.)         Carrying any knife or bladed article in any public place


If Mwamba is caught breaching any of these conditions he will be arrested.


PC Nermin Turley said:


“The local community told us how concerned they were about the behaviour of Nikita Mwamba who has been causing alarm and distress to residents of the Roundshaw estate.


Based on the level of fear and detriment that Mwamba was having on residents I felt strongly that the Order should cover the whole of Sutton not just the Roundshaw estate.  We had received many complaints from residents that Mwamba was dealing drugs on the estate but unfortunately the majority of residents did not feel safe to make full reports to the Police.


With this Order we will be able to disrupt, deter, and prevent Mwamba from carrying out illegal activities not just on the Roundshaw estate but anywhere in Sutton for the next 5 years.


We are committed to ensuring that those involved are challenged and held to account and to show that Anti-Social Behaviour will not be tolerated.


I strongly encourage anyone who sees Mwamba in the Sutton area to inform Sutton Police on 101”

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