Chief Executive Alison urges all voluntary and community groups to take part in AMPLIFY Project

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Sutton Centre for the Voluntary Sector in partnership with the Volunteer Centre Sutton has been delivering the Amplify Project.

Amplify is about trying to better understand who the voluntary and community sector is in Sutton, who is part of it, what its characteristics are, the work that it delivers and the benefits that local people get from the services and activities delivered. Through Amplify the organisations are also keen to better understand the challenges that we as a sector face as well as the opportunities we see for the future.

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“We want the results of the project to be able to AMPLIFY the value that the voluntary and community sector brings to Suttons communities and to use this information and evidence to ensure that the voluntary and community sector is seen as an equal partner when decisions about what services and activities to fund in Sutton are made and to enable us within the sector to work together more effectively to identify external funding opportunities,” said Chief Executive Alison Navarro

“I have my own thoughts around these issues and in my role as CEO of SCVS I consistently raise the profile of the voluntary and community sector as a strategic partners and a key part of the market place in Sutton BUT I need the evidence to back up what I am saying. This is where you come in!

“The Amplify survey has been open for¬† a couple of months now and we have done our best to make sure that voluntary and community sector organisations are aware of it and are able to respond BUT the response has been low and so this communications is to encourage you to fill in the survey that can be accessed here. If you would rather talk through your responses then one of my team will happily come and talk to you or speak to you over the phone and complete it on your behalf

“It is only through this shared information that we can promote the difference that the voluntary and community sector makes to local people in Sutton.

“The final deadline for completing the survey is Friday 11th¬†August so please help us to Amplify the importance of the voluntary and community sector in Sutton

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