Police obtain closure order after anti social behaviour

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Sutton Police have obtained a three month Closure Order for a property that was proving a venue for a large amount of Anti Social Behaviour.

Residents of Douglas Close, Wallington, were regularly reporting loud music, drug and alcohol related activity, shouting, and intimidating behaviour, by people coming and going from 44 Douglas Close.  Many of the reports described activity not just confined to the property but also spilling out in to communal areas.

Based on the level of reporting and the clear fear and disruption being caused to residents, police were able to obtain an order that will ensure the property is boarded up and remains closed for 3 months.   It is a criminal offence to access the property during the 3 month period.

PC Dudas of the Beddington South Safer Neighbourhood Team said:

“44 Douglas Close had become a serious problem for residents for some time, it was attracting drug and alcohol fuelled Anti Social Behaviour that was disrupting residents lives and causing them to fear the persons who regularly attended the address.  Supported by both Metropolitan Housing and residents, we worked hard to obtain the Closure Order which allows us to board up the property for 3 months, this will allow residents to live in peace again.  While the property is closed we will work with Metropolitan Housing to ensure that when it reopens it is less vulnerable to these issues reoccurring”

On 19 October 2017 at Croydon Magistrates Court a Closure Order was obtained for 44 Douglas Close, Wallington, SM6 9JT for 3 months. 

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