Paul Young and China Crisis playing at University

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PAUL YOUNG and special guests CHINA CRISIS are to play LONDON – ULU (London University) on Sunday 18th February 2018!

Born on 17th January 1956, Paul Anthony Young was the middle child of three.  His  interest  in  music  dates  back  to  when  he  was  very  young,  when  he  learnt  to  play  piano  and  then  the guitar.   On  leaving  school  he  worked  with  his father  for Vauxhall  Motors and played in  various  bands  at  night.  He  played  Bass  guitar  in  his first  band  but eventually lack of demand for bass players

led  him  back  to  his  first  passion,  singing.  These  were  lean  times  musically because  his  preferred style of  music  – Soul,  was  not  particularly  popular.

However  he  managed  to  sing  in  various  bands  such  as  Kat  Kool  &  The  Kool  Kats  and  later  in  the  better  known  Street  Band.

In  December  of  79’  the  Street  band  broke  up  and  Paul  went  on  to  form  the  Q- Tips.  During  the  next  two  years  Paul introduced  himself  to  more  and  more of the British  public  through  the

Q-Tips  extensive  touring  playing  700  shows  all  over  the  UK.  This  period  of  intense  activity  gave  Paul  the  chance  to  develop  his  unique  voice  and  stage  persona. The  Q-Tips  went  their  separate

ways  at  the  end  of  82’  and  Paul  signed  as  a  solo  artist  with  CBS/SONY  Records.

Paul really came into his own with  a  formidably accomplished solo debut album,  “NO  PARLEZ”  released in 83’ and including  the number one single “Wherever I Lay My  Hat” which maintained the number 1

spot  for most of  that summer followed  by  “Come  Back  And  Stay”  which  maintained  Paul’s presence  at the top of the  charts.

With the release of his second album “The  Secret  Of  Association” and the success of “Every Time You Go Away” his status as a world  star was confirmed.  In 1987, Paul recorded his third album  “Between Two Fires” in Milan where he met the Italian singer Zucchero.  They became good friend and were  later to collaborate very successfully.

One of the  highlights of the 1989  “Nelson Mandela Tribute Concert” was Paul’s performance of the  Crowded  House song  “Don’t Dream It’s Over”  which he later recorded for  his best of album.

There followed a period of time out to be with his growing family followed by time spent in America where he was to record in Los Angeles and New York the material  for his fourth album  “Other  Voices”.

In  1991,  Paul recorded a duet with his  friend Zuchero on the soon to be worldwide  popular “ Sensa Una Donna”  which along  with the fore mentioned  “Don’t Dream It’s Over”  were  featured on his best of album

“From  Time  To  Time”.

During  1996  Paul  prepared  new material  with  long  time  collaborator,  singer / songwriter Drew Barfield,  he set about assembling a collection of songs  which  became the self-titled album  “Paul Young”.  This was full of introspective,  storyline songs inspired by Paul’s trips to the Southwest of America.  The  “Paul  Young”  album was released on the East West label in  May of  97’.

In 2006, with the help of producer Dieter Falk and  uber- arrangers Steve Sidwell and Simon Clark, Paul released a Swing album for the German, Austrian and Swiss markets entitled “Rock Swings – On The Wild Side Of Swing”.

Paul  continues  to  write,  record  and  play  live.  He  is  breaking  new  ground  each  year.  In  2009  he  toured  Israel,  New  Zealand  and  Croatia  for the first time, amongst the many other countries

he  regularly  visits.  These  dates  were  in  support  of  the  “No  Parlez  25th  Anniversary  Edition” re-release  of  his  first  solo  album.

2012 saw Paul release his first published Cookbook,  featuring his favourite recipes gathered from the many places his  career has taken him  to.

The  latter  part  of 2014  found  Paul  in  discussions  with  Producer  Arthur  Baker,  which  led  to  the  idea  of  making  an  album of  their favourite  & neglected  Soul  tunes.  In  the early  part  of  2015,

Arthur  brought  on  to  the  project  as  co-producer James  Hallawell,  and  work  on  the  record  continued  throughout  the  year  subject  to  Paul’s  live  diary.

Towards the end of 2015,  Paul was contacted by  Gary Barlow  (Take  That) and asked  to consider  recording  a  song  for a soundtrack that Gary was producing for a movie  based around the story of Eddie The Eagle (which was

released in March 2016)  The  song  in  question  “People  Like  Us”  was a  perfect  fit  for  Paul.

2016, saw Paul Young release his brand new album “Good  Thing”.  Paul has recorded a collection of Memphis Soul tunes and this will be Paul’s first soul album in 20 years.

Paul regularly performs with his ongoing side venture, the Los Pacaminos too.

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