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All information and links to the new Sutton Giving COVID – 19 Crisis Fund. No matter how big or small groups urged to conisder applying

Sutton Giving, hosted by Community Action Sutton, it is a local giving platform that aims to improve the lives of residents in Sutton and build a brighter future for our borough.

“We are proud to be working in partnership with Sutton Council, Sutton Clinical Commissioning Group and our voluntary and community sector partners to launch the Sutton Giving COVID -19 Crisis Fund,” said a spokesperson.

The key aim of the fund is

 To assist voluntary and community sector groups and organisations providing services and support to individuals and families affected by the Covid-19 Coronavirus pandemic.

The grant is specifically for those organisations that are:

  1. Delivering COVID-19 Frontline Services OR
  2. Whose ability to operate has been severely impacted by the measures put in place to stem the pandemic

“We encourage you to read through the guidance here before applying.

“Download the application form here.

“The fund will be open from Monday 20th April and the deadline for applications is Sunday 26th April at midnight.

“The Panel will meet on Wednesday 29th April and decisions communicated on Friday 1st May.

“Until further notice we will keep the fund open with the same timetable

  • Deadline for application – midnight on Sundays
  • Panel to meet – Wednesdays
  • Decisions communicated – Fridays

“We will aim to adhere to this timetable as far as we can. However if we are inundated with applications, your application may be pushed back to the following week but we will inform you if this were to happen.

“You will also find a detailed overview of other funding sources that are available at this time that may better suit your requirements and we would encourage you to also look into these.

“If you require any support in relation to writing applications for any of these funds then do not hesitate to contact Razia at

“We look forward to receiving your applications.  Completed applications should be emailed to

“As always if you require any other support or advice then please do not hesitate to contact us “

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Biography of one of Sutton’s most famour residents Frank Brock is published

The first biography of Frank Brock, one of Sutton’s most famous residents, has just been published.

In the second half of the 19 th century Brock’s changed the way that fireworks were manufactured, transported and displayed and in the early part of the 20 th century, Sutton became home to a brand that was at that time, one of the best-known around the globe.

Brock’s, which had started life in the 17 th century, had acquired a 200 acre farm on Gander Green Lane and built the largest and most modern firework factory in the world, to which they moved in 1901 from their previous factory in South Norwood. The new factory was laid out with 150 buildings, three miles of tramways and miles of road, the main one, now Brocks Drive, safely dividing the chemically unharmonious operations into two distinct areas.

In peace time up to 500 worked there but this number rose to 2000 in WW I.From 1901 to 1914 the factory supplied thousands of tons of fireworks to shops and famousdisplays across the UK, the Empire and around the world. Frank Brock designed,orchestrated and managed collossal displays in Asia, the Americas and Europe. The business had been involved in military pyrotechnics for many decades, so it was not
surprising that our then national ally, the Japanese, requested Brock’s help in their victorious war with Russia in 1905/06. The men and women of Sutton used the company’s patented illuminating technology to supply the Japanese Imperial Navy with products that
helped them avoid surprise night-time attacks by the Czar’s ships.Frank Brock, the 8 th generation of pyrotechnist in his famous family enterprise, and tobecome one of the most successful British officers of the Great War, was the remarkable forerunner to James Bond and ‘Q’ combined.

His extraordinary contribution to the British war effort as inventor, secret agent and combatant was unmatched and prior to the outbreak of war he had already been working secretly for the British state from Gander Green Lane. Co-authored by Frank Brock’s grandson, the former Brock’s director Harry Smee and the acclaimed writer Henry Macrory, the book details the phenomenally wide ranging, fascinating and impactful career of the man.
Frank Brock was an extraordinary man. Unusually, a simultaneously commissioned officer in the Army, the Navy and the RAF, he was a real game changer who gave the British two of their best feel-good moments of that terrible conflict.
Brock ended Germany’s dream of air supremacy with his pioneering Brock Bullet – the first German airship to be shot down over England was destroyed by this bullet in September 1916, developed in part and mainly manufactured in, the Brock’s factory on Gander Green Lane.
• Prevented German domination of the Channel by inventing giant flares, built at Gander Green Lane, which lit up the sea at night and forced U-boats into deep minefields. His illuminating technology was used in the Pathfinder flares used by the RAF in WW II.
• Dashed to France (on his wedding day!), rowed across a lake into enemy territory, and prepared the ground for the world’s first strategic bombing raid on a Zeppelin base in South Germany, ordered by Churchill.
• His artificial fog invention to mask attacking vessels played a pivotal role in the war’s most daring raid at Zeebrugge on St. George’s Day 23 rd April 1918.  There Frank destroyed several gun positions personally, some with his fists, before succumbing in a sword fight on the Mole or sea wall – probably the last time a British officer perished in this way. After his death, the Navy installed his brilliant smoke screen on many ships and the Army on British tanks. It was still being used by the Royal Navy in WW II.

The book is available from the publisher Casemate: GUNPOWDER AND GLORY
The other channel  that remains open is Amazon:

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Appeal launched to support the ongoing work of Sutton’s Voluntary and Community Sector – statement

Joint Statement from:

Alison Navarro, CEO Community Action Sutton

Anita Maullin CEO Volunteer Centre Sutton

Nicola Upton, CEO Age UK Sutton

Rachael MacLeod, CEO Sutton Carers’ Centre

Judith Armstrong, Scheme Manager, Home-Start Sutton


Today we are launching a Covid-19 appeal to support the ongoing work of Sutton’s Voluntary and Community Sector in response to the impact of the COVID-19 Coronavirus outbreak.

This appeal is managed by Sutton Giving, which is part of Community Action Sutton (a registered charity). As a sector, we are continuing to work closely with the local NHS and Council to coordinate efforts, as well as with our Voluntary and Community sector friends and partners, to ensure that anyone in our community who needs support receives it.

Due to the overwhelming number of offers of help and food we have decided to set up an additional community hub to receive donations and coordinate activities.  This additional distribution centre is intended to complement the central hub run by Sutton Council at the Westcroft Centre, which is already providing a weekly food delivery to the most vulnerable as well as being the first port of call for anyone who needs support (see below “Sutton Council: How to ask for help”). The need for this additional distribution centre was identified during our ongoing collaboration with Sutton Council and other partners.

 While the main Council hub will continue to deliver food to those who are shielding or vulnerable, these donations will be used for food parcels that are already being delivered by organisations including Sutton Carers’ Centre, Volunteer Centre Sutton, Age UK Sutton and Home-Start Sutton. Donations will also be shared with Sutton Nightwatch as well as sought on behalf of any Voluntary and Community Sector group who needs them.

How can you donate? There are 3 ways:

    1. As an individual, can you donate food and other essential items? We will post on social media weekly lists of what we need, with designated drop-off points.
    2. As a business or supplier, can you provide a regular delivery of fresh meat, fruit and vegetables, and other fresh, perishable foodstuffs? Please get in touch with Sutton Giving via




Donations of food and essentials: “Ask of the week”

Every Tuesday, we will post across our social media (see below for links) a list of specific donations of food and other essential supplies that we need for that week. This list will vary from week to week depending on the needs of the people it is supporting. We are setting up designated donation drop-off points across the borough and the information of where and when you can donate will be provided.


Our supporting partners

We are delighted to announce a partnership with Metro Bank Sutton. You can bring any of the items on our donations wish-list to the Sutton branch during opening hours. Please check here for their location and current opening hours:

We are also working with the Sutton C19 Community Kitchen, set up by Sutton resident Venu Sood, along with a few local volunteers from her local community, to provide nourishing meals for keyworkers and vulnerable individuals and families. This project is entirely funded by donations. Please visit for more details about this amazing project and how to donate. 

We are also supported by local volunteers from The Hygiene Bank, who will be collecting donations of essential toiletry supplies for our distribution centre, as people’s access to these items can be as limited as their access to food if they are unable to shop for themselves. 

Thank you,

Alison Navarro, Anita Maullin, Nicola Upton, Rachael MacLeod and Judith Armstrong


Alison Navarro via


Volunteer Centre Sutton
020 8661 5900
If you are an organisation with needs for more volunteers, please contact us here. 


Age UK Sutton
020 8915 2233


Sutton Carers’ Centre
020 8296 5611

Home-Start Sutton
020 8647 6501


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New fund launched by Sutton Giving in response to COVID 19 – today

Sutton Giving is a local giving platform that is a key part of the work of Community Action Sutton. Sutton Giving’s aim is to improve lives in Sutton and build a brighter future for our borough and we think that launching this fund on behalf of Sutton Giving is more than appropriate at this time.

“Sutton Giving is therefore working in partnership with Community Action Sutton, Sutton CCG, Sutton Council to work with the local voluntary and community sector to understand the challenges that you are facing at this time in providing ongoing support to the people you work with in the light of COVID-19,” said a spokesperson.

The key aim of the fund is

To assist groups and organisations providing services and support to individuals and families, whether singly or collectively, affected by the Coronavirus pandemic

And the grant is specifically for voluntary and community sector organisations who are:

Delivering COVID-19 Frontline Services Or Whose ability to operate has been severely impacted by the measures put in place to stem the pandemic

The fund will be open from Monday 20th April with the deadline for applications on Sunday 26th April at midnight. The Panel will meet on Wednesday 29th April and decisions communicated on the 1st May. Until further notice we will keep the fund open with the same timetable – deadline for future applications being midnight on Sundays, panel to meet on Wednesdays and decisions communicated on Fridays.

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Police issue link for serious and significant COVID19 breaches

A statement from the Metropolitan Police:

In addition to our business as usual attitude to the policing we are doing in your area. We are listening to your reports of COVID19 Breaches. We are Engaging, Explaining, Encouraging & Where it is needed Enforcing & Arresting those who will not comply. Please only report if you feel there is a serious and significant breach which you think we urgently need to know, via this website: #StayHome #ProtectTheNHS #SaveLives

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Healthwatch Sutton issues range of advice and tips for current crisis

Healthwatch Sutton has issued a newsletter which deals with  range of issues created by the onset of the Coronavirus.

Coronavirus – Tell us more 
NHS and social care staff are doing everything they can to keep us well during this crisis, but there might be things that can be improved. You can help services understand the issues that are affecting care for you and your loved ones by telling us. It’s our job to listen to people’s experiences, sharing their views with those who can do something about it.

If you want to share your experience of COVID-19 with us, we’re here to listen. We’re collecting your views in a short survey, it only takes 5 minutes.

This survey is completely confidential and any information you provide will be used anonymously. If you require this survey in a different format, please get in touch with Pete Flavell on 07726 543440. Complete the survey. 

How to ask for help if you need it 

The fastest way to receive help is often through your local network. This could be your family, friends or neighbours. If you are unable to get the support you need, or you are not sure who to talk to, please see Sutton Council’s website for helpful resources. 

Help with advice and information
NHS and social care services have had to change the way they are working n response to COVID-19. So, if you are facing a difficult health or care decision or just don’t know how to find out about what support options are available, you can get in touch with our Information and Advice service via ALPS on 020 8254 2616 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm) or online at

Citizens Advice Sutton Service Information and Update
The Citizens Advice Sutton volunteers and staff are continuing, through the Coronavirus crisis to provide free, confidential, independent, impartial information and advice. Click here for more information. 

Domestic Abuse Services 
Many people are trapped inside their home with their abuser during this isolation period. If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, help is still available.

If you or anyone you know is experiencing domestic abuse, you are not alone. Visit for advice and contact details. If you can safely do so, call Transform on 020 8092 7569 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm) or email

If you are in immediate danger and need support, call 999 and press 55 if you are unable to talk. 

Sutton Uplift 
Sutton Uplift remains open – they can offer assessment and treatment options via telephone or skype. For more information, please see their website. 
Sutton Mental Health Foundation – Coronavirus service
Sutton Mental Health Foundation offer telephone support to anyone in the London Borough of Sutton who needs help with a Mental Health Condition. You can call them on 020 8770 0172 (Mon-Fri, 9am – 5pm). 
Letters to loved ones – helping people stay connected
To help families, friends and carers keep in touch, Epsom and St Helier Hospitals have set up a ‘Letters for loved ones’ initiative.

More information can be found on their website.
For questions or help contact the Patient Experience and Partnership Team on 020 8296 4325 (9am – 5pm, Monday to Friday).

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Mayor of London launches new way to support businesses in the community

A statement from the Mayor of London:

“Today, we are launching #PayItForward London – in partnership with Crowdfunder – to help small businesses stay afloat during COVID-19. Through this platform small businesses can pre-sell goods and services for customers to redeem once businesses reopen, to help them manage cash flow during this challenging time. Find out how you can get involved today:

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Hackbridge Primary school pupil wins art competition

A pupil from Hackbridge Primary School  has been recognised by national housebuilder, Barratt London, as the winner of its recent art competition. Riley (Year 6) designed the cover of a New Homes Card, which will now be printed and delivered to all new homeowners at the nearby New Mill Quarter development, where 42 homes are now occupied on Hackbridge Road. The winning design depicted a family home and a set of new keys, featuring the message ‘May love and happiness fill your home’.

Riley, Rachel (Year 3) and Larena (Year 6), all pupils at Hackbridge Primary, came first, second and third place respectively, winning a range of Amazon vouchers, which were proudly awarded to them in a recent assembly by Nadia Yousif, Sales Manager at Barratt London.

Pam Reardon, Sales and Marketing Director for Barratt East London, comments: “We are delighted to showcase Riley’s wonderful artwork on our cards. We are always looking for opportunities to engage with the communities surrounding our developments, and we believe involving local schoolchildren in the design of our New Homes Cards will also help new homeowners to feel welcomed by the local community. Riley, Rachel and Larena, should be very proud of their submissions to the competition, as should all the other children who entered. Who knows – we might be looking at the drawings of the next Picasso!”

Emma Walford, Headteacher at Hackbridge Primary School, adds: “It’s very exciting to see the hard work of our pupils celebrated by Barratt London, and I would like to thank the housebuilder for providing the children with such a unique opportunity. Primary school pupils have such a flair for creativity and we hope the artwork makes the card recipients very happy and that they enjoy their new homes.”

To find out more about the new homes available at New Mill Quarter, please visit Alternatively, to speak to a member of the sales team, please call 03722912188.

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Complete survey to give your views and experiences of Covid-19

Coronavirus – Tell us more

Healthwatch Sutton wants to find out more about your views and experiences of COVID-19.

“We’ll share your responses with local and potentially national decision-makers to see if they can use your views to make improvements in the information provided and services available. If you require this survey in a different format, please get in touch with Pete Flavell on 07726 543440.

 Complete the survey.