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Independent analysis of feedback from consultation on £500m investment in local hospitals – read it now

Independent analysis of feedback received during the recent public consultation on a £500m investment to improve services at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust has been published today. Read the independent report by clicking here.

Next steps will be to consider all the feedback, which showed broad support for the proposed clinical model and importantly to undertake further work to explore some of the key themes raised before any final decisions are made.

Welcoming the report, Dr Andrew Murray, GP and Clinical Chair at NHS South West London CCG said:  “Given the current circumstances, it feels more important than ever that we continue this programme to secure the right healthcare services for local people. The coronavirus pandemic has shown all too clearly the difficulties of trying to tackle modern epidemics in old hospital buildings such as Epsom and St Helier. We are also doing additional work to consider the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on our clinical model to ensure it fully meets any future needs.”

Dr Charlotte Canniff, GP and Clinical Chair at NHS Surrey Heartlands CCG said: “We want to thank everyone who took the time to listen to our proposals and then respond, either online, on paper or face-to-face. Today’s report shows there is clear support for this vital investment but also some concerns that we are already looking at as part of our next steps.”

The Improving Healthcare Together consultation, which ran from 8 January until 1 April this year, put forward plans to invest in both Epsom and St Helier hospitals and to build a new specialist emergency care hospital at either Epsom, St Helier or Sutton.

The main findings showed:

  • Many consultees recognised the challenges facing the NHS nationally, and at Epsom and St Helier hospitals locally;
  • The additional £500m investment was welcomed;
  • Widespread support for the proposed clinical model to address the case for change, particularly from NHS staff and clinical stakeholders;
  • Levels of support for the clinical model varied by geography, with fewer Merton residents supporting the proposals.

Looking across all consultation strands, on balance Sutton received more support as the preferred site, but support did vary depending on where consultees lived. The strongest support for either Epsom or St Helier as the new site came from residents living closest to these hospitals.

Dr Charlotte Canniff added:  “It is important to remember that under any of the proposals most services will stay where they are now. Once a final decision is made, there will be over five years of close working between the NHS and local communities to make sure the new and existing hospitals work seamlessly together.”

The most common concerns raised during the consultation related to:

  • access to services, especially pre-and-post maternity care
  • the impact on local communities
  • transport and travel, especially for people living in more deprived areas
  • longer journey times which might lead to poorer health outcomes.

Other themes included the impact on other hospitals and care providers, how staffing and hospital transfers would work across three sites, and whether bed numbers would be able to meet future demand.

In response we have already started additional work to explore these key themes in more detail, particularly around travel and transport options, bed numbers and access to services such as pre-and-post maternity care, all of which will feed into the decision-making process.

Dr James Marsh, Joint Medical Director at Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals added:

“The coronavirus pandemic, which started at the end of the consultation, has reinforced the importance of investing in our hospitals. Under our plans, we would have a brand new specialist hospital with more intensive care beds, more single rooms for infection control and teams of specialists working together to care for patients.”

The Clinical Commissioning Groups’ (South West London and Surrey Heartlands) Governing Bodies will meet on 3 July to consider feedback from the consultation and all the evidence alongside a decision-making business case.

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Sutton EHCP support group launches new support website

A support group which developed through concerns about the provision of Education, Health and Care plans for young people in the London Borough of Sutton has launched a new website.
“We set up the website for families as a central resource for them to find everything that they need to challenge decisions regarding EHCPs. All of us found it overwhelming to work out what we needed to do when our children’s applications were rejected and so we hope that this website makes things a bit easier,” said a spokesperson for the group
“During this period parents of children with EHCPs in Sutton have had a certain amount of support to get them through what is a very difficult time. However, that level of support has not been there for children who have been denied assessments and left on their own. This website hopefully will help those parents in carers in that position to get the help that they have a right to in the future. “
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COVID-19: How has your health and care been affected?  Healthwatch Sutton wants to know

COVID-19: How has your health and care been affected? 
Healthwatch Sutton wants to hear your experiences of accessing healthcare during COVID-19 in its short survey.

This feedback will be used by Sutton NHS and social care services to help identify issues and make sure everyone continues to receive safe and high-quality care. It only takes five minutes to complete our survey and help make a difference.

Complete our survey
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Healthwatch Sutton produces report looking at residents’ views of health and social care services in the borough

Healthwatch Sutton has recently published a report looking at local people’s views and awareness of change in health and social care services in Sutton.
woman sitting outside hospital

Following a period of planning and implementation of significant changes to services in Sutton, particularly around changes to NHS services, we sought the views of local people about health and social care in the borough. Local residents were surveyed between January and March 2018. Respondents were asked a series of questions about their perception of how well services are delivered and about their awareness of local initiatives and proposals. The findings were published in a report titled Snapshot 1, which was published in April 2018.

The last two years has seen continued pressure on services due to demand and financial constraints. In addition, the Improving Healthcare Together initiative has continued to consult on proposals to change emergency care services across the area currently provided by Epsom and St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust. We were keen to repeat the survey to gauge whether people’s views and experiences have changed in the two years since.

This report has been distributed to the following organisations: Epsom & St Helier University Hospitals NHS Trust, South est London & St George’s Mental Health NHS Trust, Clinical Directors of Sutton’s 4 Primary Care Networks, NHS Sutton, London Borough of Sutton Council, South West London Health & Care Partnership and Sutton Health & Care Alliance. On this occasion, a formal response to the report has not been requested as providers and commissioners found it difficult to respond to the broad findings in the previous report. However, it is hoped that the findings from Snapshot 2020 will prove useful to all the organisations above and others.

Find out more

Read more about what we found out when we asked you to tell us your views and experiences of local health and social care services.

Read more 

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Still time to help celebrate Small Charity Week in the borough

Small Charity Week celebrates and raises awareness of the essential work of the UK’s small charity sector who make an invaluable contribution to the lives of millions of individuals, communities and causes across the UK and the rest of the world.

To celebrate this event in Sutton Community Action Sutton they are asking the following questions:

Have you been running virtual sessions with your clients and service users ?
Have you been able to connect with them in different ways ?

We want to hear from you!

If you have an amazing story to tell, we want to help you tell it.

Last year we made short video clips highlighting the work you do, we would love to do the same this year as they were really popular.

If you would like to get involved email with some information about what you have been doing during the COVID 19 lockdown and if you can include some photos that would be even better.

Send in your stories and photos by Tuesday 9th June 2020. 


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Off duty PCSO injured after spotting incident in Carshalton

Carshalton Buckhurst Avenue Officers from Sutton have made an arrest last night for Theft, Common Assault, Going Equipped to Steal, Theft from a Motor Vehicle & Breach of court order in the Carshalton area.

“Thanks to the off duty PCSO who spotted this but sadly was assaulted by the male. We wish the PCSO a speedy recovering and thank them for stepping up when off duty to bring offenders to justice,” said a spokesperson

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Creative pavements will make walking and cycling more fun in the borough

A Sutton artist and the Council have this week launched an innovative way to make walking and cycling more fun for children and parents as the return to school starts.

A Sutton artist and the Council have this week launched an innovative way to make walking and cycling more fun for children and parents as the return to school starts.

A trail of stencils in the streets around four schools in the borough mean that children can spot the ‘animal tokens’ as they walk, cycle or use their scooters to get to and from school in the morning and afternoon.

The six animals – a robin; a fox; a badger; a butterfly; a frog; and a squirrel – have been spray-painted on to the pavements around each school.

The Sutton schools involved in the ‘Creative Pavements’ project are:

  • Cheam Common Juniors, Worcester Park

  • Cheam Park Farm, North Cheam

  • Cheam Fields, Cheam

  • Manor Park, Sutton

The Creative Pavements project is complementing other measures being introduced by the Council to make walking/cycling safer and easier, improve local air quality and offer an alternative to cars and public transport by helping to make the journey to school fun. Other initiatives this month include making pavements and cycling space wider and safer at nine key locations around Sutton to ensure social distancing.

Local artist, Doug Shaw, said:

“’I’ve been cutting and spraying stencil art for a few years now. It’s hard work but great fun.

“I love community art – as part of my artistic practice, I’ve been hiding artworks in my neighbourhood of Carshalton and Wallington each week for the last four years for people to find and keep.

“I’m pleased to be a part of the Creative Pavements project and I hope people in the borough enjoy trying to find all the animal designs I’ve made and painted.”

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Sutton superfan has created the dream job – with a gladiator!

A superfan of 90s show Gladiators has created the dream job – co-hosting a new series of podcasts with none-other than the iconic Jet.

David Blackmore, a journalist and producer who was born at St Helier Hospital and raised in Sutton, has been addicted to the show since he first saw it as a youngster with his family.

Fast forward almost three decades and he is co-presenting a brand new podcast devoted to the popular show – GladPod – which has brilliant interviews from gladiators, contenders and superfans like David.

“I was glued to the show, and Jet was by far and away my absolute favourite,” said the 33-year-old. “Gladiators had 14 million viewers at its peak – a figure that today’s shows can only dream about.

“It had everything for family Saturday night viewing, drama, fun, sport, a bit of ‘nasty’ and competition, a perfect combination.

“I was lucky enough to meet Jet a couple of years ago and we had a chat about how great the Gladiators series was and how much it’s still loved today.

“The idea for our podcast came from that and we have some great names joining us in our first series telling some fantastic stories of behind-the-scenes at the show.”  He added: “We celebrate the glory days, the disappointments and the stories of those involved from Gladiators like Jet to the first champion and the Gladiator who never was.

There are so many unexplored avenues that we have more than enough great material for the podcast.”

The series may have ended at the turn of the millennium, but there is a huge appetite for the stars. GladPod has surged towards the top of the UK podcast charts and is also rising through the ranks in Ireland, America and Australia.

And speaking on GladPod this week, Jet, aka Diane Youdale, revealed Gladiators could return to our screens in the near future.

“A little bird has told me that there is something on the table that looks gladiatorial and will possibly be around for our 30th year. Maybe there’ll be a version of it,” said the 50-year-old.  But could Diane be persuaded to don lycra again and hang tough?

“You couldn’t pay me enough to go back and do it again, but I think the concept of having these larger-than-life superhero gladiator people is timeless. And I think that’ll always work. I wouldn’t change a thing about my time as a gladiator.”

Now aged 50, Diane would also love another chance to step in front of the camera again.  “Dancing on Ice or Strictly would be my absolute dream,” she said. “It’s always usually youngsters who win, but I think I could do something for ladies of a certain age.”

You can listen to The GladPod via or through all major podcast suppliers. Get in touch with the podcast with your Gladiators stories by emailing

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Two young people from borough help kick off youth challenge

Challenges set by young Londoners, for young Londoners – and two young people from Sutton are kicking it off! 

The London Youth Games believes ‘Sport is a right for all’ and are excited to announce the launch of the LYG Virtual Games on Monday 8th June. The LYG Virtual Games will take place over four-weeks, giving children and young people the chance to represent their Boroughs in a series of sport-related challenges that can be done at home, at school or while out for daily exercise.

Three weekly challenges will be released every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at 9.00am on the London Youth Games website and social media channels. Participants will then have until Friday at
12.00pm to complete the challenges and submit their scores. All the challenges will relate to a London Youth Games sport and have been set by young Londoners with a connection to the Games.

Week one features a fitness test from Cross Country runners Dominique and Ricky from Sutton, a Badminton challenge from Aaron in Lewisham and a Netball challenge from sisters Izzy and Elly from
Ealing. Izzy said: “Lockdown without sport has obviously been difficult as we always look forward to the London Youth Games. We are really excited however, to see how everyone gets on in this challenge and we hope it brings out the spirit of competition between the boroughs that we are missing. Good luck.”

The LYG Virtual Games are open to all children and young people from London, who will compete across the twelve different challenges to earn points for their Boroughs. You do not need to be a footballer to complete the football challenge or a netballer to complete the netball challenge. All the challenges will come with suggested adaptations for space, equipment and ability to ensure they are as inclusive as possible. A leaderboard with the latest Borough standings will be updated every week, and after the final challenge, the winning Borough will be crowned the first ever LYG Virtual Games champions.

Individual prizes are also up for grabs. Young people are encouraged to share videos of their challenge attempts on social media using the hashtag #ThisIsLYG to be in with a chance of winning the weekly
MVP (Most Valuable Player) award. Each week a MVP will be selected based on the ability, creativity and style shown in their videos and the winners will receive a pair of Nike trainers.

“At London Youth Games we have seen how sport can improve both physical and mental well-being whilst bringing people from many different backgrounds together. So, we wanted to put on the Virtual
Games to help young people through this difficult time, enabling young people from whatever background to be active, compete against others and to represent their Borough,” said LYG CEO Andy Dalby-Welsh. “We wanted our content to be created by young Londoners. The response has been brilliant. We now want as many young people as possible to get involved! So complete the challenges,
submit your scores and earn points for your Borough.”

More information about the LYG Virtual Games is available on their website.

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Twenty eight year old sentenced to six years for range of crimes

Jermaine POKU aged 28, has been sentenced to 6 years 4 months imprisonment. Following his conviction for Possession of a firearm, Theft, Handling Stolen Goods, Dangerous Driving, Possession of a controlled Drug.

“A fantastic result for an offender and a lengthy case managed by detectives in South Area. POKU had been actively evading capture for over a month when he was arrested in November 2019,” said a spokesman.