Award winning artist helps to remind capital is open for business

​The Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan, and leading British artist David Shrigley today launched a major new series of work by top UK and international artists to be featured across the Tube network, showing London is open to all.

The Mayor joined David Shrigley, Deputy Mayor for Culture Justine Simons and Team London Ambassadors recently to unveil the Turner prize nominee’s work and distribute limited edition Oyster card wallets bearing his design to commuters. The Ambassadors are part of a 600-strong cohort currently summer visitors to the capital at key points in central London including Piccadilly Circus, Parliament Square and Southbank.

Sadiq Khan, said: “Art is a hugely powerful way to say that London is open – open for business, open to ideas, and open to the people from across the world who have chosen to live and work here. London’s world renowned arts and cultural activity is testament to the success of London as an international city.

“We’ve asked some of the world’s leading artists like David Shrigley to help us communicate the simple but vital message that despite the uncertainties around Brexit, that London will remain an international city that embraces and celebrates diversity, a city where everyone is welcome, and a city that will not cut itself off from the rest of the world.”

“It’s been wonderful to see the #LondonIsOpen campaign embraced by Londoners of all ages and backgrounds and hundreds of organisations across our city. This new artwork will make it clear to Londoners going about their everyday lives that #LondonisOpen to everyone, and this is message we will continue to send around the world.”

The work of six more artists will appear across London Underground throughout the rest of the Summer and into the Autumn. Pieces by Sol Calero, Alexandre da Cunha, Jeremy Deller, Hew Locke, Indra Khanna and Bedwyr Williams will be displayed in stations from September.

David Shrigley said: ‘We need to send a message loud and clear that whoever you are, and whatever your background London is still open to you. I’m delighted to be part of such an important campaign – as artists we see every day that our City’s vibrancy and success is intrinsically linked to being open to people and ideas from across the world. This campaign is about what kind of city we want to live in – and I’m proud to be working with the Mayor to get across the message that our capital is a place where everyone is welcome.’

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