Beware of bogus water board callers warning from SESW

4071123075_3ec9d6ac01_zSutton and East Surrey Water is reminding customers how to stay safe in their homes from bogus `water board’ callers during National Home Security Month.

It comes as the month-long awareness campaign launches its latest theme this week (10-15 Oct) around home safety – which explores the range of security measures customers can take to lock doors and windows and keep them and their possessions safe.

That has prompted the water company to issue its own advice about what customers should do if someone calls at their home purporting to be from the water company.

Laura Plumadore, Head of Retail Services at Sutton and East Surrey Water, said: “This special awareness campaign is an ideal opportunity for us to remind customers about the simple checks they can make if someone calls at their home – often pretending to be from the `water board’ – and how they can be differentiated from our genuine employees.

“Sometimes our employees do need to make unplanned visits, but they will always be happy to wait while you check their credentials and will always show you their photographic ID cards before asking to be let in.”

Sutton and East Surrey Water has a three-point checklist for customers:

1. Ask for and check the caller’s company photographic identity card.
2. Look for the Sutton and East Surrey Water logo on their uniform and van. Ask them to quote your security password if you have one.
3. If you are uncertain about anyone claiming to be from Sutton and East Surrey Water call the police or the company on 01737 772000 to double check. Genuine employees won’t mind waiting outside while you do.

Sutton and East Surrey Water offers a password scheme to more vulnerable customers. For more information about this scheme, or to sign up for it, call 01737 772000

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