Biology group take part in “immunity workshop” at Glenthorne

Year 12 Biology students from Glenthorne High School recently spent a Monday morning delving into the fascinating defences the body has against deadly diseases.

The year 12 Biology group took part in an immunity workshop run by the Centre of Cell.

During the two hours of workshops, the students were taken on a journey through the immune system, exploring the dangerous diseases that can affect us and learning about the various defences the body has to fight off infection.

Through the use of animations and practical activities they learnt about the body’s immune system. The highlight of the workshop was when they wore different coloured glasses to represent allergies to demonstrate how the immune system is compromised and cannot recognise dangerous molecules from safe.

The students had to use team work to negotiate the bacteria immunity obstacle course, avoiding mucus and dodging white blood cells on their path to pandemic infection.

This offered a great introduction to the students’ new topic of ‘Immunity and Disease’.

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