Don’t forget there is only “One You” so take the health quiz

Although launched earlier this year there is still time to get involved in ‘One You’; a new public health campaign supporting adults in choosing to lead healthier lifestyles and reduce their risk of developing long-term conditions in the future.

Without knowing it, by the time they reach our 40’s and 50’s, many people have dramatically increased their chances of becoming ill later in life – be it through smoking, drinking too much alcohol, following a bad diet or being a bit of a couch potato.  All these things can add up to being an unhealthy you.

“Modern life makes it very easy for us to make unhealthy choices” explains Dr Chris Elliott, local Sutton GP and Chief Clinical Officer of NHS Sutton CCG

“Tempting treats in easy reach, bigger portions for everything we eat and technology that allows us to shop, stay in touch and be entertained without ever having to leave the sofa.  Sometimes it feels as though life is ganging up on us.”

It’s time to fight back.

‘One You’ has been created to support people to make simple changes towards a longer and happier life. ‘One You’ will provide tools, motivational support and encouragement every step of the way, to help people improve their health right away.

“Making changes to your lifestyle isn’t easy and takes willpower” continues Dr Elliott.  “However, committing to make small changes today can bring you huge benefits in the future and help you to live a longer, healthier life.”


You can also take a free health quiz to see how you score.  Simply visit ‘One You’ online.

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