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Gala celebrates the official opening of Cryer Arts Centre

The official opening of the Cryer Arts Centre was marked with a private gala event on Friday.

The centre which is now the responsibility of four directors who make up Cryer Arts Limited has emerged from nearly 18 months of hard work and investment to be “re-born” as a multi purpose centre. It returns with a desire to ensure participation and collaboration and of course enjoyment of the arts returns to the borough.

“We know that it will be a slow process, “ said Gary Milsom one of the founder directors and theatre operations manager but the first indications are good. “We hosted a family pantomime in the run up to Christmas and more than 3,000 people attended the shows with 20 out of the 22 performance sold out.”

The changes in the centre are many but central to it has been the opportunity to extend the seating arrangements which now means there is potential for an audience of nearly 150 for shows.

But the company isn’t just stopping at shows. They want the centre to be as flexible as possible and is already hosting various small classes which include usage from a dance school and a choir in newly refurbished rehearsal rooms.
“We are also planning to develop the centre to be able to host small conferences with major events taking place in the auditorium and then using other rooms for small sessions.”
Front and centre of the changes has been the bar area, The all-new “Spotlight Bar & Restauarant” now offers a relaxed and comfortable space where visitors can walk in and enjoy a drink and good food any evening of the week.
All of the directors, however, are committed to ensuring theatrical productions are continuously available for the residents and a detailed programme has already been established and is available on
“We now we are at the start of a long journey but we believe that our plans will ensure a sustainable theatre space and allow for the development of a key asset in the borough,” said Gary

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