Great range of events planned by Trust

dscf1976There is a great range of Christmas events being planned by Orchard Hill College Academy Trust.

They are as follows:


Kingston – 6th December, 1-2pm

We have a space booked at Kingston Market:

1pm – Orchard Hill College Choir

1.15pm – Bedelsford music and band

1.30pm – Orchard Hill College interactive poetry reading

1.45 – Dysart Christmas songs

2pm – Event finish


Southwark – 9th December, 10-11.30am

We have booked a space just inside Camberwell Library  – We will be blasting out Christmas songs and giving away mulled wine (non-alcoholic) and mince pies to members of the public.! Students will be singing and dancing along to Christmas music and selling all their  enterprise goods!


Sutton – 13th December, 1-2pm

Space in St Nicholas Centre booked, downstairs in main centre by Kiko Café:

1pm – Arrival – background music on, welcome introduction

1.10pm – Carew – Playing Bells and singing Christmas songs

1.20pm – OHC – OTH –  Makaton Choir

1.30pm – OHC – VPC Students will be dancing and performing a short story/poem/song

1.40pm – OHC – BZ students will be performing a Christmas story they have written

1.50pm – Sutton Mencap TBC

2pm – Event finish



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