Insights as to how to cope with pressures of modern life in new book

Stress is now the no. 1 killer in the world. The pressures of modern life are increasing – depression is on the rise and in 2017 60% of UK employees experienced a mental health problem. Practical Zen for Health, Wealth and Mindfulness sets out to change this. Bringing the body-mind insights of Rinzai Zen from the ancient, mountain-top temples of Japan to the West, it reveals how to zap stress and boost success.

Zen in 100 days

Practical Zen for Health, Wealth and Mindfulness takes readers on a 100-day journey to achieving zen. Bursting with easy-to-follow meditation and mindfulness exercises honed over 1,000 years, it trains the readers’ body and mind. The book reveals the tools needed to cope with everything life throws at us – from friendship troubles to money problems, demanding careers to time pressures. It even imparts the secrets of beating physical and emotional pain without drugs – and looking younger without an anti-wrinkle cream in sight.

Anyone can achieve zen

The brilliant news is that zen is for everyone – all it takes is this expert guide and practise. The book offers handy tips for fitting meditation into your day – whether you’re waiting in a queue or making a cuppa – and shows readers how to overcome hurdles standing in their way. The real-life case studies throughout the book motivate and inspire you with remarkable stories of how people have transformed their lives with zen – and how you can too.


The authors are Julian Daizan Skinner and Sarah Bladen.

At just 25 Julian Daizan Skinner gave up his job in pharmaceuticals to become a Buddhist monk.

After training in England and Japan, he returned to the UK a zen master. With no money or connections, clad only in his monastic robes, he walked the length of the country – from the southern tip of the Isle of Wight to the northern coast of Scotland.

He was named his own teacher’s successor and now teaches people to become zen teachers themselves at the renowned training centre he set up in London.

Sarah Bladen was living the high-life in the Middle East as editor of OK! when, in the same month, she lost her father to cancer, her relationship ended and her dream job disappeared.

She decided to embark on a very different path in life, on an inner journey to meditation and mindfulness. She is now a zen practitioner, helping others to transform their own lives the way she did hers.

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