Joint operation to “clean up” on counterfeit goods

A joint operation by Sutton Council Trading Standards officers and Sutton Police has resulted in a large quantity of counterfeit goods being seized from stallholders at a car boot sale in the borough.

The goods removed included bags and jewellery purporting to come from such famous brands as Gucci, Louis Vuitton, Ralph Lauren and Chanel, as well as hundreds of copies of movies on DVDs.

The operation, which took place at St Philomena’s School on Sunday 10 July, was targeting counterfeit goods, unsafe products and stolen property and involved officers from Sutton’s Safer Parks police team and Trading Standards officers from Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service.

raid_origMost sellers, who travel from outside the borough to set up their stalls, can expect to receive a formal warning or caution. Seized counterfeit goods will be destroyed.

A similar operation in Tiffin School, Kingston, resulted in several warnings being issued.

Both the authorities at St Philomena’s and Tiffin schools are supportive of the police and council “clean-up” operations.

Kingston and Sutton Councils said they will not tolerate counterfeit goods being sold in the boroughs and that further operations are planned.

Sgt Gavin Weldon, of Sutton’s Safer Parks Team, said:

“If the offending stallholders come to our attention again, it’s likely that they will face being prosecuted.”

Jan Gransden, Group Manager of Enforcement at Kingston and Sutton Shared Environment Service, said:

“This operation sends out a strong message that Sutton is not the place to come to sell illegal goods. Buyers should be alert to the risks of purchasing unsafe and counterfeit goods.”

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