Snug feet may help void painful cold feet

web-snugtoes-sippersSimi, a Surrey based IT consultant, entrepreneur and a mother, who for 20 years suffered from Raynaud’s syndrome which left her with painful cold feet is launching her invention, Snugtoes heated slippers , with their microwaveable heated pads ahead of the forthcoming winter months to help other suffers of circulatory conditions.
Snugtoes were born out of years of misery and frustration at not finding any suitable solution to the problem of her cold winter feet caused by her condition.

She recalls “The only relief that I observed was when I put a hot water bottle on top of my indoor slippers. This got me thinking that there must be a way I could integrate the heat from the water bottle into the slippers whilst still being able to move around. Thus SnugToes heated slippers were born.”
They have proven to be equally effective for people suffering circulatory issues like lupus, diabetes etc.
She has also produced a handy colourful infographics that gives simple tips for maintaining healthy feet through the winter months.
Simi said “Taking care of one’s feet in winter is an absolutely essential exercise which most people largely ignore because the feet cause them little problem most of the time. Our feet play a vital role in helping us move around comfortably so it’s important we keep in the best possible condition, and that’s why we created this handy tips guide.”
She concludes “Our goal is to partner with charities that promote and support that work with sufferers of conditions that lead to cold feet. We are currently working with Lupus UK to promote Lupus Awareness Week and have plans in the pipeline to work with other health charities and support groups.”

For more details go to SNUGTOES

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