Superstar singer Ed visits Melody in hospital

ed-sings-to-melody-and-her-parentsThe world famous singer songwriter Ed Sheeran was at Epsom Hospital today to pay a visit to one of his biggest fans – nine year old patient Melody Driscoll, who is being cared for in the hospital’s dedicated children’s ward, Casey.

Melody, who lives with Rett’s Syndrome (a rare condition that affects brain development and causes physical and mental disability), has a number of complex medical needs and is often an inpatient at the hospital. During long stays in hospital and the pain caused by her condition, there’s always one thing certain to brighten Melody’s mood: Ed Sheeran.

Her parents launched a campaign to meet Ed, who was happy to oblige. He even signed Melody’s pink guitar before playing two of his hits ‘Thinking Out Loud’ and ‘Photograph’ and posing for pics with other young patients.

Dr Ruth Charlton, Consultant Paediatrician and Joint Medical Director, said: “We are so touched that Ed would take the time out of his busy schedule to visit Melody and the other young patients on the ward. Melody was mesmerised by Ed, and it was a truly wonderful to see how happy he made her.

“We would like to thank Ed for coming – this was a very special day for our staff, our patients and of course, Melody.”

Melody’s mum Karina, who was behind the campaign, said: “Melody absolutely loves Ed’s music, and his lyrics mean so much to us as a family. It was amazing to meet Ed, and everyone could see just how impressed Melody was – she even got hugs and kisses from him! We joke that Ed is Melody’s boyfriend because she is so taken with him, and now that she’s met him in person a dream has come true.

“Ed’s music and the staff here, including Melody’s consultant Dr Tim Marr, have kept her alive.”

Ward Manager Karen Kilday, said: “It was wonderful to see Ed on the ward and to see the joy that it brought to Melody. His caring and relaxed approach were evident to see and everyone on the ward that day will remember the visit and this lovely moment forever.”

The family thanked everyone who had supported their campaign to meet Ed, including Croydon Police.


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