Sutton’s police commander outlines actions to deal with concerns

​Sutton’s Borough police commander has detailed the activities that have been put in place in the borough and across the capital to deal with community tension which appears to have risen after the vote to leave the European Union. ​
“I am sure you will have seen in the media concerns raised about community tension and hate crime in the wake of last Thursday’s Referendum. There is a London-wide reassurance operation in place to deal with these concerns, led by Commander Chishty. I attach a copy of his letter. Please feel free to share it with friends and colleagues,” said Commander Stringer.

“I also thought you would want to know what we are doing in Sutton to make sure we manage community concerns and maintain our status as one of the safest boroughs in London.

“We have had no incidents of hate crime reported to us since last Thursday. Should we receive any reports in the future, they will be brought to the attention of the duty officer at the time and I or my Deputy will be informed as soon as possible to make sure the investigation receives appropriate resources and to help us identify and manage any community tensions. We work very closely with partners such as the London Borough of Sutton and housing providers to make sure that we are also picking up issues of concern that manifest themselves in anti-social behaviour.

“We have had no areas of tension or concerns identified to us so far but as a precautionary measure, we will be increasing visible patrols around transport hubs, schools and faith premises as experience tells us that these places are where people feel most vulnerable.

“Your Safer Neighbourhood Teams will be in regular contact with councillors, ward panel chairs, faith and community leaders to identify and respond quickly to any concerns they have.”

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