Teachers get chance to learn lessons of tomorrow by GLF Schools

Teachers are being offered a sneak preview of the future by a Surrey-based schools group.

The GLF multi-academy trust, a rapidly-expanding group which runs over a dozen schools across the south east of England – including Cuddington Croft in Cheam – is putting on a day-long Google Education summit for its member schools, showing the latest cutting-edge collaborative teaching methods and technology. GLF is keen to extend the invitation to other academic institutions who are already using the system, or who are interested in finding out more.
“In recent years schools have used all kinds of virtual learning environments, but they’re increasingly being left behind as people move over to Google Apps for Education (GAfE) free learning tools,” said Ben Rouse, the GLF’s group lead in Technology for Learning, who will run the July 11th event at Lime Tree School in Merstham, near Gatwick.

“I’ve used the system myself for a few years, and can see its benefits. It helps with lesson planning and the collaborative aspect allows pupils to contribute to group projects from any internet connected device, wherever they are.

“GLF’s ethos is all about collaborative management and the pooling of ideas and knowledge, so this system fits in perfectly with that, which is why we’ve already introduced it across all our schools, and are keen to spread the word to others.

“This event will feature certified Google app trainers to help teachers fully understand what the system can offer them, and how to get the best out of it.”

As technology plays an ever-growing role in pupils’ everyday lives, it is only to be expected that the classroom will follow suit – and Mr Rouse said the opportunities presented by GAfE were something that could be of real benefit to schools across the region.

“Once you get to grips with these tools, from a professional point of view, they’re hugely exciting,” he explained. “Using them, collaboration and working across schools will have a major impact on how teachers do their jobs. GLF schools have already recognised this, so we’re keen to share that knowledge other schools.”

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