Wide range of session for Sutton’s young people provided through RCA

It has been an amazingly busy time for Riverside Community Association recently as they deliver a wide range of evriversideents for the borough’s young people with 24 sessions being delivered in just a three week period

Of the sessions delivered recently they included:

Decorating the youth room at Sutton Life Centre  Halloween Theme and Danish welcome/Hello signs ahead of  visitors from Denmark, which included 10 students and 3 youth workers.There were arts and cratfs available and a football match between clubs took place,

The Time Out Youth Project  acknowledged the Festival of Light (Diwali) by creating firework drawings with glitter and sampling traditional Indian food. Some young people had never tried Indian cuisine so this was a new experience for most of our young people.

TOYP acknowledged Remembrance Sunday by creating Poppies to wear and 1 young person aged 16 years drew a large Poppy for all to decorate and display in the Youth Room at SLC. Quizzes were taken on the subject, discussions arose & opinions/knowledge was shared.

Switch joined the project at one of the sessions to educate Young people on drugs and alcohol, limitations and the Law. Young People found this session very informative and interactive.

During the week of National Youth Work Week young people shared their opinions of what chances for young people looked like to them (Chances for Young people was this years theme) Young people also expressed what an ideal Youth Room would be like to them.

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