Council launches environment strategy to co-incide with World Environment Day

Sutton Council has launched its Environment Strategy to co-icide with World Environment Day.

The strategy has been developed and directly influenced following more than 800 people responding to the council’s consultation last summer.

The vision of the strategy includes:

  • Cleaner air with more people travelling by bike, public transport or on foot

  • Protecting green spaces and creating new green space where it is currently lacking

  • Reducing the council’s carbon emissions as well as energy use per household, with more energy coming from renewable or low-carbon sources, such as solar

  • Fewer people living in fuel poverty

  • The borough being a testbed for the circular economy, which means keeping items in good condition and use for as long as possible, through reuse or repair

  • Reducing waste

  • The borough being resilient to the impact of climate change, such as heatwaves, droughts and flooding

  • Using less water

  • Everyone playing their role in reducing their impact on the environment

“The council recognises the need to work with neighbouring boroughs and other partners to bring changes that extend beyond London. There has already been unanimous agreement from councillors to remove single use plastics from council operations and contracts,” said a spokesperson.

Other actions the council is taking this year include:

  • Signing up to be a Smart Energy GB Employer and promoting smart meters for local households, from autumn 2019

  • Introducing refill stations at council sites and offices, where people can refill their water bottles, by summer 2019

  • Installing rain gardens and planters in three Carshalton primary schools to help reduce local flood risk, by summer 2019

  • Exploring a ‘community repaint’ initiative where unwanted paint can be shared with people who do want it, from autumn 2019

The Environment Strategy is available to read in full at

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  1. Protecting Green Space?? Laughable, considering the council are steamrolling plans to build on Sheen Way Playing Fields, the only green space in this area, how’s that protecting green space?!!


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