Weekend Rockstars – for one night only at The Secombe

Luke Barnes’ award-winning album play about living for the weekend comes to The Secombe for one night only.

“In terms of raw potential, energy, performances and pretty much re-inventing the idea of musical theatre from the smouldering ashes: full marks. I definitely want everyone I know to see this show.”Andrew Haydon.

Theatre meets gritty, raucous gig in Middle Child’s electric and unapologetic telling of three Hull twenty-somethings living for the weekend. Terry has lost his job, his girlfriend is off to university and he’s just killed his dealer’s cat. Despite this state of affairs, he still lives for Saturday night. But what happens when the people we rely on start to fail us? What do we do when our stars don’t guide us where we thought they would? Then, it’s time to become rockstars.

Written by Luke Barnes and underscored throughout by James Frewer’s original songs, Weekend Rockstars won the Musical Theatre Network’s development award at Edinburgh in 2015 and is supported by Hull UK City of Culture 2017.

Director Paul Smith said: “Weekend Rockstars is an ‘album play’, with its influences including the work The Arctic Monkeys, The Streets and The Libertines. The show is a live gig with a pulsating soundtrack played by a company of actor-musicians who take you on a riotous journey through the best and worst ­week of Terry’s life. Weekend Rockstars guarantees a good night out and invites you to dance, drink and sing along with the highs and lows of Terry’s mid­-twenties crisis.”

3348593_origMade in Hull and proud of it, Middle Child exists to create theatre for people who think the theatre is not a place for them and to produce work that gets an audience’s blood pumping as much as a nightclub, a football match, a gig.

Luke Barnes other work includes Bottleneck, Beats North and Ten Storey Love Song, also produced by Middle Child, as well as the Channel 4 production Minted in Manchester.


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