Bandon Hill primary school is proposing to join the Greenshaw Learning Trust

The Governing Body of Bandon Hill Primary School in Sutton, is proposing that the school should become an
academy and join the Greenshaw Learning Trust, subject to due diligence and Regional School Commissioner

The governors and school leaders have been carefully considering the future of Bandon Hill Meadow Field, Bandon
Hill Wood Field and Bandon Hill Oak Field, for some time. They concluded that it would be in the best interests of the
pupils, parents, staff and wider community of Bandon Hill for it to take advantage of the closer collaboration and
stronger support it would get by being part of a multi-academy trust; and, having evaluated the options, that it
should join the Greenshaw Learning Trust.

Rebecca Lewis, Chair of Governors, said: “We are confident that joining the Greenshaw Learning Trust is the best
way to ensure that Bandon Hill School continues to thrive in our local community and in the current educational
climate. The Greenshaw Learning Trust has a similar ethos to Bandon Hill. The Trust understands the community that
Bandon Hill serves and the strengths and needs of its pupils, and has the skills and experience that will help the
school give them the best preparation for eventual adulthood. Joining the Greenshaw Learning Trust will ensure that
Bandon Hill receives the support it requires to enable it to continue on its journey of improvement.”

Roger Mills, Chair of the Greenshaw Learning Trust, said: “I am delighted that the governing body and leadership of
Bandon Hill Primary School wants the school to join the Greenshaw Learning Trust. As part of the Greenshaw family
of schools Bandon Hill will benefit from and contribute to close collaboration within a community of like-minded
schools – both primary and secondary – whilst retaining its character and its place at the heart of the local
community. And the schools already in the Trust will likewise benefit from Bandon Hill joining us.”

The Greenshaw Learning Trust is well-established locally, being responsible for Green Wrythe Primary School
including Rainbow ASD base, Tweeddale Primary School and Victor Seymour Infants’ School, with whom Bandon Hill
already has close links. The Greenshaw Learning Trust has a strong track record of school improvement – Victor
Seymour Infants’ became ‘outstanding’ after joining the Trust.

Subject to the necessary agreements being reached between the school, the Greenshaw Learning Trust, the
Department for Education and Sutton Council, it is expected that Bandon Hill should join the Greenshaw Learning
Trust on 1 July 2021.

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